REVIEW: Batman #35

Life for Batman is changing. In the latest storyline Bruce and Selina Kyle are together and there might be wedding bells in their future. The Dark Knight has been alone in his war on crime for years, but now he has finally found a partner that he can depend on and fall in love with; thankfully it’s not a teenage boy filling the role.

In this tale, “The Rules of Engagement, Part 3” Bats and the Cat have traveled to the desert in search of Selina’s friend Holly Robinson, who has murdered a large group of people and let Catwoman take the fall for it. There’s one problem though, Holly has sought the protection of Bruce’s ex- Talia Al Ghul. The Daughter of the Demon is less than thrilled with the idea of Bruce finding love and happiness. The climax of the story comes with a sword fight between the two women as they test each other’s mettle.

There is a ton to like about this issue. Tom King’s story is dynamic and fast paced. It’s entertaining to see Catwoman and Talia argue over Bruce while crossing blades. It’s almost comical that the two are busy discussing all of Batman’s flaws as a partner while trying to cut one another down. It’s here that we gain some real insight into just how bad Selina has it for Bruce.

There is also a great moment that happens outside the main storyline between Damian and Dick. The two act like siblings and it’s the most likable that Damian has been since his creation. It’s a human moment between the two that draws the reader in.

Speaking of drawing; Joelle Jones is kicking some serious ass in this issue. I’ve always been a fan of Jones’ artwork, but here she seems to have found another level. Her action is laid out on the page with no panel being wasted. If DC is smart they will keep this talented lady working hard on the Batman books.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that Batman’s world is drastically changing in the coming months. The storyline is heading toward an eventual wedding, but I posit a theory here—I think with issue 1000 looming for Detective Comics DC needs a milestone moment for the caped crusader. I think that Bruce will get to enjoy the married life for a short time, but all of this is building to the death of Catwoman. I could be way off, but for a character that is driven by revenge, the idea of losing a new member of his family could be the new motive for a character that has been around in comics for so long.

Final Score: 4 out of 5 Resurrection Pits!

Story:  Tom King
Art: Joelle Jones
Colors: Jordie Bellaire
Letters: Clayton Cowles
Publisher: DC Comics

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