REVIEW: Batman #45

WRITER: Scott Snyder
ARTIST(s): Greg Capullo, Danny Miki
LETTERER: Steve Wands
COLORIST: FCO Plascencia
COVER ARTIST(s): Capullo, Miki, Plascencia
RELEASE DATE: 10/14/2015

Yeesh. Not sure what’s more beautiful. That cover or Mr. Bloom’s characterization/design.

Seriously, though. This was a great return to the normal art team after last month’s one-off detailing Mr. Bloom and Gotham. Snyder wastes no time, throwing us straight into the action from the end of #43 and getting us on the edge of our seats. Though I may dislike certain moments for feeling a bit too cliche or tired, overall, I have no complaints about Snyder’s direction for this story. It’s new, fresh, and I’m loving it.

As per usual, the artists deliver big-time. I have been a vocal proponent of putting Plascencia on every book ever, and I stand by it after this issue. He’s by far my favorite part of this series, which is not to imply that Capullo and Miki aren’t phenomenal as well, because, well, they obviously are. And hats off to Capullo for that last page; I don’t think any villain, Bat or otherwise, has ever given me the jitters quite like Mr. Bloom.

This series is seriously a superstar every month. I, like many others, was saddened to hear that Capullo is leaving Batman after issue #50 for a short hiatus, though I’m excited to see who they pick up to replace him (cough, Kenneth Rocafort, perhaps?). Honestly, as much as I love New 52 Batman though, I’d love to see this entire team up and move to a different book, bring some magic to someone else in the DCU. The other two Trinity books are definitely needing (with lackluster art and a boring story in Superman and a whole mess of problems in Wonder Woman), so maybe they could find a new home there?

Until then, go out and buy this book. Seriously.


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