REVIEW: Batman ’66 meets Wonder Woman ‘77 #5

Chapter 5 

This comic made me smile from start to finish. It completely embodies the Adam West Batman and the Lynda Carter Wonder Woman style. Its full cheese ahead when reading this, but for fans of both iconic television shows, this comic is a joy to read.

We begin our adventure with Batman, Robin and Catwoman (Julie Newmar style) in the Batplane on their way to an uncharged island. Catwoman purrs with delight to have escaped a prison sentence.  Batman lets her know the only reason she is with them and not with the prison warden is that the Island they are going to does not allow men on it unless they have a female chaperone. Batman radios the island asking permission to land when he gets his response from non-other than Wonder Woman. Who is flying right beside them. Que Robin “holy invisible plane”

They land and introduce themselves, Wonder Woman expresses her gratitude to Batman for following their customs and bringing a female chaperone.

They make their way to the temple and look at the splendour of Paradise Island. Wonder Woman explains that there is no war or violence on the island since they banned men. While in the temple some of the other Amazonians take note of the young Roblin, going as far as asking him how he treats women.

While having some food, Batman tells them all that he fear’s that some evil and dangerous people have taken 2 ancient books and are on their way to Paradise Island to evoke something more dangerous and evil than themselves. While discussing this a priestess comes in telling Wonder Woman that one of their guards has been attacked. Wonder Woman tells her to put all Amazons on high alert and goes to see the injured guard.

The guard was stunned and couldn’t tell how many attacked her but she did know there were a few men and a woman and that they were heading to Gratos. With this information, our dynamic duo, Catwoman and Wonder Woman give chase to the attackers.

While sailing to Gratos, Batman tells of the League of Shadows and his belief that these are the ones they are tracking. Batman know that the attackers are heading to the Labyrinth on Gratos but he doesn’t know why. Wonder Woman believes she might know why. At the centre of the labyrinth the lays Elysian Well otherwise known as the Lazarus Pit.

When they arrive at the labyrinth Batman puts a homing device at the entrance so they can find their way back out, if they survive that is. Into the labyrinth they go and they find foot prints. Batman see’s that there are 3 men and one woman. One of the men is being helped by the others.  They also notice some animal tracks. It seems to be following the attackers.

Then without warning the labyrinth changes and divides our team of hero’s. Batman and Wonder Woman and Robin and Catwoman. This is not a good situation for anyone.

Then lost in the labyrinth, Batman and Wonder Woman are confronted by a giant Griffin. What will our hero’s do????

This is a fun comic and will appeal to the tv show fans as much as the comic one. I  give it a 4 out of 5  stars

Written by Marc Andreyko, Jeff Parker
Pencils David Hahn
Inks Karl Kesel
Colored by Roberto Flores
Cover by Laura Allred, Mike Allred
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