REVIEW: Batman Beyond #14

Written by Dan Jurgens, art by Bernard Chang, published by DC

I wish I lived in a future where technology just worked the way it’s supposed to. Though I could do without the loonies in the costumes. I think Batman Beyond might be the first DC book I make a real effort to pick up in  while.

No recap, but the plot moves in such a way that you get a lot of exposition but with some action flashback and characterization folded in. The Batman of this title is Tim Drake and I know time travel is involved somewhere and I find myself wanting to know where. Jurgens has streamlined his writing since the days of Thor Volume 2, which was great but was as verbose as a Tourette’s sufferer reading the complete works of Shakespeare. The dialogue is snappy and still uses the futuristic swearing from the cartoon this is based on, schway!

The art is mainly flat and angular, which really suits the sci-fi trappings of the book. Block colours, simplified design all maintain a respectful throw back to the show as well while still adding a little detail here and there taking advantage of the static nature of comic imagery to flesh out the bones of the source material.

There’s a scene at the end which is amazingly well done, allowing you to feel something isn’t quite right until telling you why, it’s creepy and intelligently handled.

So, great, more trades to go and buy, only this time from DC, so I’ll be able to find out what’s going on next year, probably.

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