REVIEW: Batman beyond #15

STORY BY Dan Jurgens, ART BY Bernard Chang, COLORS BY Marcelo Maiolo, LETTERS BY Dave Sharpe, COVER BY Bernard Chang, PUBLISHER DC Comics

It’s becoming a rare quality in DC that a comic with a history as convoluted as this on, seriously the third sidekick replaces the second Batman in what may well be an alternative timeline…anyway is as utterly enjoyable as this.

It’s a GOOD comic. It tells a simple story (ignoring the back history…) In a clever way, Tim is in a role he was born to be and his relationship with the future Gotham is interesting and not a tiresome fish out of water malarkey it could so easily be. The villains are actually a bit cleverer than they first appear, Spellbinder being a classic Beyond villain and Rewire being very aptly named.

The art isn’t quite my cup of tea, it’s still professional, and the story telling is spot on despite feeling a little cramp in the panels sometimes. It’s more a personal thing, like someone stirred my tea with the crusty auger spoon, I’ll still drink it but that lingering sweetness is there.

It’s a boring review because it’s a good, solid, HIGHLY  immersive comic that just felt good to read and I felt like telling people that.

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