REVIEW: Batman Beyond #7

Someday, someone will write a story about how Bruce Wayne got all his crazy packed away and lived a nice quiet life. Batman Beyond #7 is not that story. In fact, after the events of the last couple of issues, Terry is looking to join Bruce on the crazy side of the fence.

As Bruce is wallowing in his mistakes over his career of Batman and Robins, he is alerted to the League of Assassins leading an attack on Commissioner Gordon and ex-member Curare in the roof of Gotham Police headquarters. He reaches out to Terry, who is ghosting his calls as he tries to have a normal date night with Dana. Eventually Bruce gets through and the fight is on.

Once Bruce gets a load of the new Bat Suit that Terry and the gang found in the Bat Cave, he panics and wants Terry to come back right away. But that may not happen when Terry find out what Curare’s bug secret is.

Once of the things that make Batman Beyond stories interesting is that Terry is aware that he is following a path that will lead him to a life of regrets and loneliness, but finds himself unable to stop. Everyone, even Bruce, warns him about this and yet, when the bad guys show up, they all call on Terry to suit up. Dan Jurgens really exploits this dichotomy well. He doesn’t hammer you over the head with it, but he clearly makes the need for Batman evident and lets the pieces fall together.

I also really love how Bernard Chang uses a diffused soft focus on the background whether it is inside Wayne Manor or in the rooftop fights. It bring the attention to what is important in each panel and highlights how close Terry is to losing control.

While I think that the League of Assassin needs to all go on a cruise and take a vacation from all the Batman books for a while, I am intrigued to see where this story is going.

Writer: Dan Jurgens
Art: Bernard Chang
Colors: Marcelo Maiolo

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