REVIEW: Batman Europa #2

Written by Matteo Casali & Brian Azzarello, art by Giuseppe Camuncoli, published by DC

Well it’s old-fashioned Batman teaming up with the most over used, one-dimensional single note character since Micky Mouse, the Santa Claus. I hate the Joker, he’s not complex, funny or entertaining after the fourth or fifth time he kills a henchmen and he makes a man who dresses like a bat look stupid because there’s only so many sidekicks he can kill and maim before Batman realises this is one that should die.

The story is dull when you can follow what’s going on, mainly because the characters are dull. I’ve seen drunks stagger home with better pacing than this and the dialogue has all the flare of a Technicolor yawn.

The art looks like it should be awesome, but the idea of clockwork robots is muddied in the panel composition, and Batman looks like he’s holding in the type of fart that would ruin the batmobiles upholstery. The joker is the joker, and I want to punch every stupid panel he’s in.

On the whole this is a series made to give people some classic Batman in the wake of Bat Gordon and all it delivers is some confusing art of a man with his underpants on the outside, inevitably going to shit himself inside out.

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