The heroes in a half shell start this issue off in an exciting battle with none other than Shredder’s daughter! (and a bunch of other baddies.) The Batman himself doesn’t appear until this issue is half over. But it’s a great first appearance and we learn how the Turtles are linked to Gotham city.

The Creative Team:

James Tynion IV makes it look easy to team up these very different franchises. the Ninja Turtles are a more humorous title than the dark and gritty Batman but he makes it work. This issue is a great action packed introduction to the story. A lot of first issues in a six issue title are bogged down with a ton of exposition and some slow-moving panels before the action picks up, but in true Ninja Turtle style, the exposition glides along with the action and Batman joins in the action with Donatello at his side. Tynion creates a plausible link between the Dark Knight and the Keepers of Secrets. Which makes the whole adventure seem plausible to fans of both series. It’s a good read and great stuff!

Freddie Williams has an equally difficult task in rendering both series characters and pleasing fans of both franchises. It may seem silly to some to see Batman fighting alongside anthropomorphic reptiles, but in Williams capable hands the panels do not look silly at all! The opening splash page itself is a great introduction to the whole issue as the reptiles in question come flying into battle on some kind of strange gliders. I really enjoyed how Williams art complimented Tynion’s words.

In Conclusion:

The fun begins with this unexpected cross over which is sure to please fans of DC and IDW comics. The main villain from Batman’s rogues gallery seems to be the right fit for this tale as we look into the face of fear and wonder if the Batman, even with the help of his new friends can complete the task at hand. Not to mention that the events that take place could lead to more of the Dark Knight’s rogues gallery showing up and causing problems. I really enjoyed this issue and can’t wait for more *** (3.9 rating)

Writer – James Tynion IV
Art – Freddie Williams II
Colors – Jeremy Colwell
Letters – Tom Napolitano
Publisher – DC/IDW

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