REVIEW: Battlestar Galactica: The Death of Apollo #4

Writer: Dan Abnett
Artist: Dietrich Smith
Publisher: Dynamite Entertainment
Genres:  Science-Fiction
Release date: 03/04/2015

Let me say right from the start, I love Battlestar Galactica. I love the classic show, love the reboot. I even like elements of Galatica 80! I even remember going to the cinema to see the Battlestar Galactica movie. My mom prefers it to Star Wars!

Despite my history and affection with and for the show, I have never read any of the recent tie-in comics. (I did have a couple of the 70’s Marvel issues).  Reading this I safely say, based on this issue, that I am content with my decision regarding the comics.

With Dan Abnett, you know what you’re going to get.  Abnett is a consistent writer across a number of books, none of which are particularly spectacular.  The characters here, writing wise, are an accurate representation of their television counterparts.

Dietrich Smith is the artist, delivering some great space scenes, but also some rather bland facial expressions.  For me, there are a couple of perspective issues that distract my eye and spoils some of action pieces.  For example, the helmet on Boomer looks like it is several sizes too big. I would rate the art less than 3 stars but viper art is impressive.

The title of the story could be giving away  the conclusion, this is part 4, but there are several steps before we get there.

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