REVIEW: Battleworld: Red Skull #2

Writer – Joshua Williamson
Artist – Lica Pizzari
Colours – Rainier Baredo
Letterer- VC’s Clayton Cowles

Don’t judge a book by its cover, or do, your choice…Dark cover. Very simplistic in its design. Red Skulls head disrupting blood from his mouth onto Magneto dressed in all white. Red Skulls eyes are very menacing.

A long, long time ago in the last issue…Red Skull tried to kill Doom and failed. As punishment he was sent to the Shield to be killed. But somehow survived. Doom tasked a small force to bring him proof of death. The team was killed by marvel zombies, all but Magneto. Red Skull saved him. He has plans for Magneto.

Now back to your regularly scheduled programming…Magneto and Skull are fighting the zombies when Skull finds Captain America’s shield. Which he uses to knock out Magneto. Using Magneto’s deceased team mates as a distraction Skull drags Magneto away to his hideout, a decommissioned sentinel head where he tells him of his plans to bring down the shield and Doom. Agreeing to help of Skull can remove his power inhibitor collar the pair travel to new Xandar to meet with their ruler Lord Annihillus. A gross out bug thing. Skull wants Annihillus to send his army as a distraction so he and Magneto can destroy the shield and kill Doom. Skull unlocks Magneto’s collar and his full powers come flooding back. He’s ready to to face Doom. To be continued.
This is a very strong issue. From the pace to the artwork I can’t find much wrong with it. Magneto and Red Skull have a clear dislike of each other that’s only going to add to the story. Now Magneto is at full strength however Red Skull should watch himself.

It’s all fun and games until someone loses an eye…Not much violence in this issue, Magneto does attack Skull with an adamantium knife that slices through his hand causing a lot of blood to spill.

Haven’t I seen you somewhere before,..Crossbones is mentioned but not seen. We do get a cameo from Rogue as Magneto thinks back.

The Good, The Bad and The Meh…
The Good – the characters. The art and the cover.
The Bad – Magneto spends a little too long feeling sorry for himself.
The Meh – the story. I’m a little over this whole battleworld thing.

That said it’s still a very easy 4 star book.

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