REVIEW: Betty Boop #1

When I was a wee little tot, I used to watch black and white Betty Boop cartoons. You know, the ones that got banned that you can only find on YouTube. Hoorah for inappropriate cartoons!

Over the years, the girl’s lost her flair, let’s admit it. She’s nowhere near the striptease and sexy icon she once was, so when I saw that there was a new Betty comic, I wasn’t that excited until I saw that Dynamite was the publishing company behind it. You know, the people who don’t shy away from boobs and other such nifty things.

First of all, this comic is not completely black and white, buuutttt it does elude to that using color in sparse manner. And Betty has her banned garter belt and super low back cut dress! Take that, haters! The story is simple enough, but keeps its whimsical nature that the original cartoons were fashioned in. There are the same style of characters and same narration type, and I believe Helen Kane would be proud.

The story could be taken out of the 30’s, just without all the racism and propaganda and stuff, and Roger Langridge certainly did his homework. I am very pleased with the aforementioned illustrations by Gisele Lagace, and they look clean without being too flawless. There were no kitty slips, as in a couple of said banned cartoons, but that’s cool with me. Seriously, watch the old ones. Maybe I’m just a perv. Ma. Victoria Robado’s coloring techniques were done in a particularly interesting way, leaving a lot of actual color dulled so as to keep the atmosphere of a classic black and white cartoon. Even if you had never seen or heard of Betty Boop, you’d get the message.

I did not think I would ever have a Betty Boop comic in my pull file, I’ll be honest. But this first issue is so peculiar and strange that I genuinely do like it. I hate surprises, but good ones are acceptable. This is the part where I do the Betty catchphrase, but that would be too cliche, and I need to go get a refill on my pumpkin spice latte. *hair flip*

Artwork: 5 Stars
Cover: 4 Stars
Story: 4 Stars

Written by Roger Langridge
Art by Gisele Lagace
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