Well here’s a crossover that could have been shite. Turns out though Jack Burton meeting Snake Pliskin and fighting a Chinese Sorcerer called Dave while the military weaponize rock and roll and there’s another Snake Pliskin with boobs…there’s a recap but honestly, who cares at this point?

I didn’t think this would work but Pak gets the characters so spot on you just get on with it. The plot is surprisingly simple, which is why all the madness works, the dialogue gets on with sparkling and not expositioning all over the place and pacing is zippy but steady.

The art is in the cartoon end of the scale but likenesses are consistent, you can tell it’s Kurt Russell but they might get away without having to pay for royalties. The big action shots are spectacular and the humour is spot on. It takes an effort to do subtle visual humour in comics and Bayless does it wonderfully.

Be picking this up myself it’s a proper giggle.

Big Trouble in Little China/Escape from New York #5 (of 6)
BOOM! Studios
Writer: Greg Pak
Artist: Daniel Bayliss

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