Story: Gabriel Shaoolian & Mark Powers
Art: Lucius Cross and Goncalo Lopes
Colors: Joana Lafuente
Publisher: Gabriel Creations

Have you ever considered how your body fights off infections? I mean, really considered the process involved? Well, the the creative team over at Gabriel Creations has, in depth, and the result is the BIOWARS series of comics.

In the first issue, we’re introduced to the Biocosmos, the microcosmic universe populated by an entire cast of miniature characters.

The Council of the Mind, meeting in the the Thalamic Chamber detect an unknown but very serious threat and dispatch their messenger, the speedster Sensurian to alert the body’s antibodies. This book could have easily spiraled into the cheesy and campy, ala Osmosis Jones, but instead has opted for a more serious though no less allegorical tone, than the 2001 Chris Rock comedy.

This book excels at simplifying a somewhat complex philosophical concept, even if that’s not necessarily the creators’ aim. Whether it’s references to the human body as microcosm to the universe’s macrocosm, or the depiction of antigens as an organized and hierarchical military force, BIOWARS is an accessible and incredibly imaginative work.

It’s apparent that the book’s producer, Gabriel Shaoolian, knows his stuff and has assembled a great team to execute his vision. Powers’ dialogue and narrative structure are tight and well planned. No easy feat considering what he’s writing about. The interactions between Blastor and Humron are indicative of any relationship a commanding officer might have with his most talented subordinate. The story itself carries a message without being preachy or condescending.



Likewise the interior anatomical landscapes, character designs, and battle scenes delivered by Cross and Lopez are nothing short of inspired. Panel by panel we are effectively and totally immersed in the world of the Biocosmos by Lafuente’s brilliant and vivacious color schemes and I can see this book making an easy transition to the small screen.


In short, BIOWARS is a heck of a comic and it’s free. Hustle over to and download a copy.

4.5/5 stars

By. A.C.

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