REVIEW: Bizarro #3

Bizarro #3
Writer – Heath Corson
Artist – Gustavo Duarte
Letters – Tom Napolitano
Colours – Pete Pantazis

Let judge this book by its cover… Buzzard meets the old west. It’s very cartoony and fun. That plain red background is the only down side for me.

The facts are these… Jimmy Olsen and was asked by his best pal Superman to take Bizarro somewhere he can’t cause as mush trouble trying to help people. So Jimmy agrees to take his worstest friend ever Bizarro to Canada. ROAD TRIP. On their way they meet a chupacabra that Bizarro adopted, so after their car brakes down near a used car lot run by a father and daughter team. The father is granted magic hypnosis powers by aliens pretending to be Egyptian gods. Using these powers he convinces everyone in town (including Jimmy) they need to buy new second hand cars at over the blue book prices. Bizarro and his tiny brain are not affected so he sets out to not save his best enemy Jimmy from paying not enough for an old car. Defeating Tut Bizarro and Jimmy head back on the road leaving the daughter in charge of the car lot vowing vengeance on them both. Back on the road Jimmy spots a small ghost town and they take a closer look, as they do they can see this ghost town is full of actual ghosts and one beautiful young lady calling herself Chastity Hex, Chastity is a bounty hunter looking for Jeremiah Blackhearse.

Now if your sitting comfortably we can begin… Jimmy,Bizarro and Chastity are getting their picture taken before heading back out into the town. The ghost seem to think Bizarro is the ghost as they go about their business. In the saloon Jimmy bumps into Jeremiah but before he and Bizarro can grab him, the ghost all scatter in fear of the bandit El Papagayo who doesn’t know if he’s a pirate or a cowboy. Facing off against him Bizarro pulls out all the stops but his powers are no use against a ghost. El Papagayo jumps inside Bizarro to take him over and use his body to take what he wants. Jimmy reaches for his signal watch to call superman before flashing back and realising the riddler stole it from him last issue. Having to think fast he grabs a bugle from the saloon and calls in the cavalry, among which is none other then the ghost of Jonah Hex himself who pulls El Papagayo from Bizarro and takes him to ghost jail. Jimmy and Bizarro continue their road trip to Canada. To be continued.

What a fun issue. The art makes it a joy to read while Bizarro’s lines though tricky to get to grips with at times are funny and cute. He really is the nicest guy. When El Papagayo searches around inside him we get an internal view of the inner workings of Bizarro and we see not only his inner child playing on a swing but the size of his heart. It takes up three quarters of his body. He really is all heart. It’s just a shame his brain is a maze with no way out.

The Good, the Bad and the Star rating…
The Good – it’s fun. The art is playful. It’s easy to jump on.
The Bad – at times Bizarro speech changes from backwards to reverse to a bit of both. Can get confusing.
The Stars – for not taking itself as serious as some books out there I have to give this one 4 stars.

Do you agree with my review? Comment below or find me on Twitter @DawnOfComics and let me know what you thought of this issue.

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