REVIEW: Black Bolt #3

Issue number 3 opens up directly where issue number 2 left off. Black Bolt, Absorbing Man, and Rava have blown a hole in the wall of the jail cell holding the king of the Inhumans. The exit said hole on they’re way to free two other prisoners Blinky, and Metal Master. As the group looks to leave the prison they found themselves held captive, Black Bolt finds himself entering some sort of payment processing center, he trying to locate a box for his cell mate known as Blinky. But someone else is in that room waiting to be paid and that is none other than Death’s Head and no one is getting in his way of receiving his payment.

Will Black Bolt be able to get past Death’s Head and help his cell mates escape the strange prison the have found themselves?

Well without spoiling anything I will try to convey the only thing I had a problem with in this issue. The only problem I had, was the fact that while going through the prison they came across things that went unexplained and didn’t seem necessary to the overall story. That was it the rest of the story went just fine.

Saladin Ahmed does a fine job writing this series thus far. The dialogue was spot on for the characters involved. Which was quite a feat seeing as how this cast of heroes/villains would not normally be found together. Saladin did a good job keeping the story moving and not getting to far off track. I really enjoyed seeing Death’s Head making an appearance in this issue, Saladin Ahmed wrote him the way he should be, as a bounty hunter. I really liked it and I hope that this opens up some doorways for the character in the future at least to make some more appearances, I do not believe however that Death’s Head could command his own series, maybe a one shot.

The artwork put out by Christian Ward was spot on, which is no surprise, I have come to expect great artwork out of Marvel nowadays, and Christian Ward did not disappoint. I have noticed that some artists have a tendency to make some characters faces look the same as others. Christian Ward has no such problem each one had their own distinctive features and remained that way through out the book. It was always easy to tell who was who. 5 out of 5 stars!

This book was great, the story was good and flowed nicely, and the artwork was off the charts. Christian Ward showed great artistic story telling ability. My opinion on this book may have been a little biased seeing as how I like the Black Bolt character to begin with, but I tried to remain neutral throughout.

Black Bolt #3
Writer- Saladin Ahmed
Artist- Christian Ward

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