Review : Black Canary # 1

STORY BY: Brenden Fletcher
ART BY: Annie Wu

G’Day Gods Among Men (Comic Lovers!),

Once again Dodgy86 is in the mix, whilst fighting crocodiles and battling ferocious Koalas riding Kangaroos I get time for another comic review… The Boy from OZ brings you Black Canary # 1 by Brendan Fletcher with art by Annie Wu.

To be honest, I’ve heard of The Black Canary but have never read any material involving her nor based on her character. Therefore I am a BC virgin and had no expectations.

What did I get from this book? Black Canary is in a touring Pub Band, a band called “Black Canary” (giving super-villains her location on a weekly basis!) and it appears everywhere the band goes trouble follows… Creating concerns from fellow band members and their manager.

Considering it’s only the first issue it does expand on the band member’s personality as they question the advanced fighting skill of their mysterious lead singer. BC tries very hard to hide her past especially all she wants to do is perform on stage… This ends swiftly once she finds out she’s not the only band member with ultimate secrets and threats lead to ill consequences!

Although it is a serious read, it is well balanced with humour. Reminds me of Jem and Josie and the Pussy Cats but with action.

I strongly recommend it.

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