Review: Black Magick #9

One of the things I like most about writing comic reviews is the fact that I’m exposed to new stories yet to catch my eye. I would love to have the opportunity to read every comic that is released each week but alas, I have a day job. When I find a story that really knocks my socks off, I do not resist the desire to climb the highest mountain and shout at the top of my lungs how much the comic means to me, and why you pay attention to it too. Black Magick is one of those rare comics.

Without any knowledge of the ongoing story, I picked up Black Magick #9 (Image Comics), which is part four of the Awakening II story line. The first thing that stood out to me was the distinct Noir vibe I got from the artwork. It’s set in modern times, but seems to have been drawn with an unmistakable black and white Kodachrome feel. Major kudos to superstar artist Nicola Scott on the look and atmosphere she has created with this artwork. Her style is quite rich and I appreciate the fact that each panel has an amazingly vivid background.

The comic, written by Greg Rucka, presents to us in this issue a story that is both parts crime drama and supernatural family drama. If you find yourself drawn to either of these genres, this comic will be great for you. I took away a Law and Order meets Charmed kind of vibe from the storyline. The difference is, neither of those television shows seem to have writers the caliber of Greg Rucka. The pacing of the dialogue in this comic is quite good and being a noob to the story, I was able to pick up everything that is going on. Major win Mr. Rucka.

The plot is easy to follow but unmistakably deep. I’m not one to enjoy doling out spoilers about the story line, so I’ll resist my desire to give you a play by play of the comic, but what I can say is that main characters, sisters Alex and Rowan, are being pursued. They seem to be hunted by the same group over multiple lifetimes. I’m quite curious about the last two pages of the issue and where it will take us in issue 10. Again, no spoilers, but trust me, it looks like Aira, may not have been prepared for the guardian that was encountered when breaking into Rowan’s house.

Black Magick #9 is a tremendous offering. Now that I’ve read this issue, I feel compelled to go back and pick up at least issues 6-8. I don’t need to do this because I’m missing major plot points, the solid writing took care of that, but I want to because it’s THAT good! Check it out.

Story: Greg Rucka
Art / Cover: Nicola Scott
Variant Cover: Cliff Chiang

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