REVIEW: Black Widow #1


Way back when, my first introduction to the Black Widow was way back in Marvel Team-Up #82.  Since then there have been quite a few downs and ups  for the would be Avenger leader, anyone else remember The Champions?

Thanks to the popularity of the Avengers movies and her appearance in a number of other Marvel movies, the Black Widow has been a bit of a focal point for the case for a Marvel solo super-heroine movie.  So it makes sense for a new volume of Widow adventures to hit the rack.

From a story provided by Mark Maid and Chris Samnee, we get to see Natasha in full action mode as she is on the lam from her S.H.I.E.L.D colleagues, for an undisclosed reason.  Saying there is a story is a bit of an overstatement, with the book featuring one long extended action scene.  Still, the action is pretty fun throughout as you see how Natasha deals with the various obstacles in her path to freedom.

bw1Whilst contributing to the story, Samnee provides the pencils, showing Natasha move through the panels with a kinetic energy, with different panel layouts that propels the reader through the issue at a fairly quick pace.  With Marvel never one to flog an idea to death, the art style is similar to other heroine books.  Colors are provided by Matthew Wilson giving the book an overall even texture, even with everything exploding.

With this being a first issue, you’d be mistaken for thinking that the content of the book may be lacking in the story department.  However, with this book and it’s action based format the issue works.  Hopefully, under the guidance of Waid, later issues will add to the action, otherwise, set action pieces on top of more set action pieces can get a bit repetitive, regardless of how well it is done.



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