REVIEW: Blood-Dragon #1

G’Day Crusaders,

This is Dodgy86 in the mix, bringing you Blood-Dragon by Brian Lynden Johnston (creator/writer/artist). Cover art by Massimo Moda. Proudly Published by Miasma Comics.


The title is called No more Heroes, this saga is set in an else world from the world we know, as scenes set in World War II did not conclude, as history is told. Cities such as Washington, London, Paris and Beijing did not survive the aftermath. Now our world consists of Sol-Cities, which are giant trade centers made of glass. Germania is the world capital; their greed and power oppress its citizens…
The world at this stage is in dire need of a hero.

The opening scene begins in a parking lot outside a large house. A suspected vigilante who is masked into his surroundings, masked into the darkness, he is literally in control taking down goons dressed in mafia-like attire. Who cannot kill what they cannot see. Even for the reader. As this vigilante takes out the first round of mafia lackeys, he is now visible as he enters the house (you will see he’s wearing a red gas mask). And in the house he takes out more villains until he finally completes the mission.

Then the story reverts 24 hours prior… you better understand the purpose and direction of the mission as it is allocated to the man named Hong accompanied by his female assailant Yao, and he wears the red mask and bears the name Blood-Dragon. You need to read on to see what his mission is.


The story is well structured; as readers we get an introduction to Johnston’s world he created within the opening pages so we are aware for whats installed accompanied with narration throughout and decent dialogue. There is a slight character development at this stage although not entirely touched on for the first issue. I appreciate the creator to write and illustrate their own work, the art overall may not appeal to everyone as it looks amateurish inside there is a decent story. There are some panels that are difficult to identify at first glance due to heavy shading. It is effective when the Blood-Dragon prowls in the darkness. There is a heavy amount of violence in this book for fans of the genre and need a bit of gore. The cover art looks amazing!

I’d be interested to read onto the next issue which is out at, do ya’self and check it out!

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