REVIEW: Bloodlines #4

Written by J.T Krul, art by V Ken Marion, published by DC

Well DC are still concept mining the 90’s. This time it’s Bloodlines from back when DC kept their crossovers to the annuals and they got progressively worse. This one wasn’t too bad as we got the grand total of one big character out of it, Hitman. The gist is, aliens arrive, stick their provides in you to drink you’re spinal fluids and if you survive somehow you get super powers, naturally.

So, why have they brought back a defunct idea from the nineties that sold like celery at fat camp? Mmmoneeey! And a crippling fear of ingenuity. Well that’s not fair really it’s a sound enough concept, but you will notice I’ve yet to say a word about this comic.

Mainly because it’s fine, OK, nice, hunkidori, alright if you like that sort of thing, it’s so middle of the road I’m almost positive I’ve used the “it could be arrested for jaywalking” line before. If I hadn’t remembered the original series I would have forgotten about this already. The lack of recap, forgettable characters and dialogue from eighties action movies means this will be gone soon and no one will remember it.

Some of the art is good at story telling though. Buy it if there’s nothing else to buy and you fancy a bit of nostalgia.


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