REVIEW: Bloodshot Reborn #6

Writer Jeff Lemire, Artist Butch Guice, published by Valiant Entertainment

Jeff Lemire, master of the slow burn. A depowered Bloodshot is going around taking back the nanites that made him a super killer because they are making other people deranged killers.

There’s no gun-toting action in this one but it doesn’t need it, there’s some nice character building and good tension, plus a couple of laughs I’d swear were borrowed from Chew. Lemire’s biggest achievement here is making me interested in what boils down to a Punisher knock off with hi-tech nits.

If I had one complaint it’s the tropes often used I these types of story are on full display but they are handled with humour and sensitivity giving them a fresh coat of paint.

The art is bloody irritating, it’s so good I can’t think of a single funny thing to say about it. Facial expressions galore, perfectly balanced background to foreground ratio, immaculate detail, fuck all clutter, realistic anatomy… It’s the polar opposite of Bloodstrike, I almost wept with relief.

So this being only the second Valiant comic I’ve ever read, they’re batting two for two. It’s an action comic without any action, in this issue, and it’s bloody brilliant.

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