REVIEW: Bloodstrike #1

Story: Rob Liefeld
Art: Rob Liefeld
Colors: Jeremy Colwell
Publisher: Image Comics
Release Date: 7/8/2015

Comic fans received a blast from the past this week with the release of Rob Liefeld’s Bloodstrike #1. Reviving his title from the 90’s Liefeld returns on script and pencil duties for the new series. When the issue starts, we find Bloodstrike in a bad situation. He’s tangled with the wrong person, they got the best of him and have left him for dead. That’s not too big of a deal, though, as existing fans will know that Bloodstrike can be regenerated and brought back to life at any time. However new readers need not worry, as Liefeld provides readers with the important details of who/what Bloodstrike in the first couple pages of the issue. We then flash back in time to see how Bloodstrike got into the predicament in the first place. He’s gone off the books on a solo mission, chasing a possible lead. While finishing the issue, fans of 90’s Image comics will be treated to appearances by some familiar faces.

I felt like it was 1993 while I was reading this comic. Bloodstrike #1 has the feel of a lot of the comics I grew up reading. The stories were extreme, the action was intense, and it was violent. This issue had all of those classic elements. An outrageous plot is setup for the first arc. There is a 14 panel fight scene with sound effects in each panel and over a dozen decapitations all in the first issue. Needless to say, this is not a book written for kids or young teens.

Final Verdict: Look, it’s might not be the best story you ever read or art you ever see, but Bloodstrike #1 is FUN. This issue was a refreshing reminder of another era of comics for me. Fans of 90’s Image comics and characters should definitely have a great time with this series. If you weren’t a fan of Liefeld’s  before, don’t even bother picking this one up. If you’re new to Rob Liefeld or the characters he’s created, give it a try. You might like it, you might not but it’s worth a shot. I can’t stress enough this is not for young kids.  Don’t leave this mixed in with your Gotham Academy and Ms. Marvel books.

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