REVIEW: Blue Beetle #4

I’ve just read one of the comics from Chris Ware’s compilation Buildings. It’s deliberate pace and intimate study of loneliness is perfectly crafted and was a joy to read. I read this, it’s about a magic beetle that covers a teenager in armour and a millionaire stalking him and it’s nowhere near as interesting as a building full of characters that weren’t even given names.

There’s too much of everything for a start, cut down on the effort and have some fun. The dialogue weighs it down like cement galoshes and the pacing plods like Oscar Pistorias taking a midnight piss. I’d bring up the characters but honestly I don’t remember any of them except Ted Kord posing in a wet suit.

The arts OK but again doesn’t work for this book, it’s sketchy and rough and often, between that and the excessive word balloons, the page is crowded and a mess to read.

Skip it. 1.1/5

By Keith Giffen and Scott Kollins, published by DC

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