REVIEW: Blue Beetle: Rebirth #1

Written By Keith Giffen and Scott Kolins , Art by Scott Kolins published by DC Comics

After a few pages it starts to blur together and goes faster, mainly because you stop paying attention and have to go back and re read bits and they still don’t make much sense. Not the plot, that’s just Batman Beyond meets Spider-Man but with no bells and whistles, no there’s actual difficulty in trying to follow on from previous panels and word balloons. The story flows like the bowl movement of someone on a diet of crushed glass and prune juice, painfully out of control. There’s a few panels given to Blue Beetle getting his phone out that still remind me of the first time I saw a Rubik’s Cube, baffling.

The script is wordy, and considering who it’s by and the supposed tone of the comic it’s as funny as carefully reading the instructions for a VCR, knowing full well it’s obsolete. The pacing is OK, there are pages where I thought I was reading Betty Vs Veronica again but it’s crippled by a choppy script and dialogue that would face plant if it tried to tie its shoes.

The line work is rough as fuck, the action is flatter than Miss Taiwan’s chest and the colouring is all the same bland level of  intensity. The colour and the general lack of dynamism make the whole thing mush together in your memory.

I’ll be happy when this review is over and I can forget this comic. 0.9/5

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