“Bob the Psychic, can he see it?”

“Bob the barber, can he cut it?”

Maybe this doesn’t have the same ring as the “Bob the Builder” theme; but I feel that this Bob’s return should come accompanied with a theme song; such is the sense of fun that is generated in this book.

So, where to begin? It seems that Bob can’t even take care of nature’s calling, without being flushed by a French-speaking toilet water ghost. This encounter starts the next adventure for Bob as his Sean Connery–a-like astral Gramps as they start to discover the secret history of the Bob’s mystic scissors. If this feels like that there is too much going on, well, wait to you see it in four-color splendour!

Creator Lance Lucero is once again joined by Adam Volle as the pair move Bob’s story along. All the pieces that worked so well the last time around are still in place. If you think that would lead to a level of sameness, then you would be wrong. Sure, the beats of the story between Gramps and Bob, but here is feels like comfortable slippers rather than eye-opening awe. The latter is still well served with the recollections and the history on show with each aside containing both literal and visual humour.

Francisco Resendiz is also back along for the ride, giving the book its distinctive look, if you consider a style that looks like Pop! Figures have come to life distinctive. In this case, I do! It seems that no matter what Lucero and Volle throw his way, Resendiz is more than up to the task. The art is frenetic, which matches the pace of the book. Resendiz also provides the trademark color scheme, which mirrors previous books, whilst also utilizing a load of reds to give pages of the books an element of differential.

It goes without saying, but I am going to say it anyway; I really like the first Bob issue I read I am more than pleasantly surprised to see that the quality of the book, both in the writing and art has not only remained consistent, but has in places improved. A fun ghostly book that is full of spirit.

Writing – 4 Stars
Art – 4 Stars
Colors – 4 Stars

Look for the book  in December 2016! It will be released through the site for $3.99.

Created and Written By Lance Lucero
Scripted and Edited By Adam Volle
Cover, Illustrated and Colored By Francisco Resendiz
Lettered By Kurt Hathaway
Published by Warehouse 9

For those who are unaware of who Bob The Builder is, check out below:


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