Laurent Loran Crenn (Author, Illustrator),
Nicolas Rossert (Editor, Translator)
Publisher: Sloth Comics

G’Day All,

Once again Dodgy86 is in the mix, bringing you another comic review… The Boy from OZ brings you BOOYAH! by Loran.

Meet Booyah, a green monster who wishes to help others in need but has difficulty with clumsiness leading to disaster in many measures.

Like Loran’s previous work I reviewed on ASH (Academy of Super Heroes) the clean art style is comparable with warm colours making it easy on the eyes. The difference is the graphic (comical) with blood and guts as a result of Booyah’s accidental acts which is surprisingly funny by causing a lot of Laugh out Loud moments! The graphic violence is comparable to Ren and Stimpy and The Family Guy.

Breaking the book into a series of short stories makes it an easy pleasant read. I had fun delving into Booyah’s mischievous adventures!

If you like the works of Loran and like animated stories you will love this!

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