REVIEW: Boston Comic Con 2017 presented by FanExpo

Boston Comic Con brought to you by the NEW owners, announced at last year’s convention, FanExpo came across Boston, Mass this past weekend. In this inaugural show they moved facilities to the much bigger, Boston Convention and Exhibition Center.

I was able to attend ALL 3 days of this convention, it was a delight to see a cit get geeked out for one day and honor our pop culture heroes. This 3 day weekend was a celebration of all things pop culture. We had several Crusaders onsite: Al Mega, 13th Crusader, Bud ‘The Professor” Young and the Crusader from Oz, Shane aka Dodgy  (came all the way from Oz to visit). Check out some of the the pics and information about the show below.


The facility is huge as I have been here for Pax East before. For this show however they used half of the space BUT it was more than adequate to host all the vendors, creators, fans at the show. Plenty of aisle space with a great mix of comic book vendors, retailers of all types (jewlery, weapons), toys, clothing, frames, original artwork, prints etc…. There was definitely something for everyone at this show. I really did appreciate the wide variety of vendors. This being called a comic-con it was nice to see a handful of comic book dealers, plenty of $1 boxes, which included current titles(rebirth,marvel), $3 bronze boxes full of 1st apps (get them now while cheap!) and an amazing array of vintage books, some vendors were fair, others not so much!

On opening day the park area on the outside of the facility was closed, on the weekend however there happened to be an open event, those that were seeking fresh air, food, alcoholic beverages while listening to some music were welcome to go outside and enjoy. Inside the facility however there was no alcohol sold on premise, food vendors were sparsely spread. I’d recommend more food vendors and more bathrooms (ridiculous lines).

There was plenty of on-site parking, however, it was $18 per car for the day, IF you didn’t mind walking 10 minutes, you’d find a lot of municipal parking for $5 for the day! The location had plenty of security officers AND police officers to make sure all was under control and everyone had a great time!


The line-up of guests was HUGE! They had a great variety of celebrity guests from across the plethora of pop-culture, Big and Small Screen movie stars, voice-over actors from back in the day up until now! Stan Lee tore the house down, was to full for me to get a glimpse of the living legend. Being a comic book website however, our priority was on the comic book creators at the show. Artist alley had creators both new and well-known. There were industry giants like Art Adams, Adam Hughes, Matt Hawkins, Ken Lashley to name a few. It was an honor to meet almost all of them! They were all gracious, humble and happy to speak of their projects. Stay tuned to Undercover Capes as a lot of the guests we spoke too have agreed to come on and talk to us and you our readers! There were a lot of juicy info we got and we’ll talk about them soon!

We did get to also meet the future of comics in many new indie creators, many of their projects are very interesting. Many of the creators onsite are of diverse backgrounds and some have stories reflective of their experience and others are comic fans that want to fill in missing voids in the industry with their creations. They are all thinking on a large scale to market their products and we made it known that Comic Crusaders, Undercover Capes and Geekery Magazine give their full support, we also hope to have quite a few of them on our podcasts in the coming months.


Cosplay had a HUGE presence at the show. There were cosplayers of all ages and fandoms dressed up expressing their love for this wonderful culture we are lucky to be a part of. You will see quite a few examples of the cosplayers at the show below, a big up to all of them, they all looked GREAT!

I commend FanExpo for doing such a great job in their first show. Security was tight, our own 13th Crusader got randomly pulled twice to be checked, we appreciated the fact they did that however in order to keep people safe. All of the staff of the show was very friendly and went above and beyond, at least in my experience, when you had a question or concern. I can only expect this show to get better and bigger! I believe this show can truly be a threat to Reed Pop shows  on the east like NYCC in the next few years, especially at this new venue!

If your looking for a fun, energetic, family friendly comic-con, this is it!! Based on my 3 day experience I give this show a SOLID 4 out of 5! I am really looking forward to next year as it has been renamed to the Fan Expo Boston. Start making plans, see you next year!


*All Photos: Al Mega

**A huge thanks to my wife and daughter whom attended join me on Saturday, and my fellow Crusaders/Capers, 13th Crusader, Dodgy, The Professor. An extra special thanks to the WHOLE FanEXpoHQ family!

In picture: Bud, Dodgy, Al Mega and Ben Goldsmith (Seance Room writer)

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