REVIEW: Box Office Poison Color Comics #2

Sometimes when you’re faced with a slice of life comic you prepare to be suffocated in an avalanche of words, filling every available space with desperately earnest prose that just HAS to be poured out of the writers very soul…

Not so with this, its bloody great. I will be buying the trade, just letting you know that up front. The Indy cartoon style is well polished and studied but, individual and unique. Alex Robinson has learnt his trade and honed his own style. Homages run gently through the comic and Sherman’s suffering in his job hits very close to home as it should with many.

I often find a comic I know I’m going to get around to buying, I’m going out tomorrow with deliberate intent to find this.

It’s what a good old-fashioned (and pleasantly timeless) INDY bio comic should be.

Written & Illustrated by Alex Robinson, colours by Pat N. Lewis, published by IDW, Top Shelf

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