REVIEW: Boy-1 #1

ART BY Amancay Nahuelpan
RELEASE DATE Aug 12th, 2015

In a future, not so far away from ours, mega corporations will be looking at DNA as the next step to improve human life.  This may mean something as philanthropic as curing Alzheimer’s and cancer, something more capricious such as who becomes attractive and slim or something more sinister al together.  Behind in the game is Doctor Jadas Riezner who is working at the company his father created before mysteriously disappearing.  Riezner may be the genius to solve the science, but as it happens he is still feeling the aftermaths of being left alone, medicating in place of real emotions and don’t get me started on his bedroom companion.  There are enough clues in the opening act to hint that that there is more going on, and goings on are a plenty.

This books reads a little bit like the Matrix, with Riezner the obvious Neo character.  Its not only Riezner’s role that is obvious.  Writer H.S. Tak fills the issue with references to nearly every major sci-fi film from the last 20 years, longer if you count the original Planet of the Apes.  Now, normally I don’t mind a good parable, but the references are so thick and fast that it feels like either Tak is taking the easy way out by not having to explain motives or maybe Tak feels that the reader won’t understand what is going on without them.  Whatever the reason, they soon wear out their welcome.

The art by Amancay Nahuelpan is the saving grace of the book, giving the book a look that is familiar enough that it feels comfortable whilst not being boringly so. The style may not be the most action orientated, but for this first issue, where the seeds of the story are planted, it works well, as does the colours by Sebastian Cheung which covers a number of environments from cityscapes to fields, to dark alleys and bedroom shenanigans.

The almost future is always a popular venue to place a story.  The idea of genetic manipulation is also hardly new.  There will always be the doubt of the reason for science breakthroughs.  As such, the intentions of those making the strides forward will also cause friction to those who want to use such strides.  Hopefully, this friction will help propel the Riezner into becoming the One (see what I did there?) for this particular tale.

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