REVIEW: Brigands #1

Well it’s back to business after that disaster. Action Labs have produced a good enough comeback to make up for Zombie Tramp.

This is the story of a villain called Stillion released on a mission to get a magical object for the bigger villain of the peace who likes pulling peoples teeth out.

The writing is slick enough to get past a weighty script, and the story is pretty solid with some nice ideas that elevate it above the usual fantasy fair. The pacing is a bit shot at here and there as transitions between time periods happen without much warning or clear indication that this is a none linear story.

The art is OK on the whole with some wobbly anatomy here and there, it reminds me of an early Mignola. It all feels a bit rushed but it does a more than adequate job of getting the message across.

The characterization is where it’s all at as they are compelling and distinct. With a bit of polish this good be awesome.

Writer(s): Ram V
Artist Name(s): Nick Barber, Jason Lewis, Kel Nuttall
Publisher: Action Lab Ent.

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