REVIEW: Briggs Land #4

The Briggs Land series as a whole has been very consistently impressive. The various plots and subplots have been intriguing and evocative, especially with the soon to be Trump Administration. Themes of White Nationalism and Supremacists. Breaking free of the U.S. government and having the large spot of Briggs Land in NY. All told throughout with an artist and writer that are clearly in sync.

Issue Four expands on the motivations of the interesting and different cast of characters. Really showcasing what Grace and Caleb are really made of. With Caleb using violence and power of his followers to intimidate. On an opposite side with Grace tending to matters on her own. Especially showing the aging characters grit when she tends the land. Setting up her own barb-wire fences, really showed the work she will put in.

Artist Mack Chater really puts the expressions of these characters into every panel, no matter what the scene is. Each page beautifully renders these characters and story so well that it could probably tell this story without the bubbles. The aforementioned scene of Grace and the fence or Caleb’s men placing the murdered dog on display to intimidate.

All in all, this issue is a great read for the series as a whole. Fleshing out the characters and bringing their methods to display. Building tension for a conflict for the differing mother and son to come. Whether part of the series or as a standalone title it succeeds. And I eagerly await where what comes next. 4/5

Writer: Brian Wood
Artist: Mack Chater
Colorist: Lee Loughridge
Cover Artist: Tula Lotay

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