REVIEW: Brik #2

Drew has a number of problems and more than an interesting possible solution and if you had read the previous issue, you would have a pretty good idea what that solution was.

Things seems to be getting worse for our hero; his grandpa is gone, the person who holds the power of knowledge refuses to share, the girl he normally hangs out with has a new beau and his mom seems to want to sell the building for which his grandpa died. All in all, it’s a pretty dire situation. But a change of heart, a saving and a collection of Yonkers dirt and mud brings a possible saviour.

Writing duo Adam Glass and Michael Benson are taking the slow road with what has been a pretty standard start-up so far. Standard at this point, isn’t a bad thing. Glass and Benson are giving us an honest character, with honest problems. The main relationship of Drew and his Mom melts my heart, reminding me of all the little things that parents do for their kids, giving them great memories of fun days that they hope can make the burden of the harder days easier to carry. The characters speak, for the most part, with distinctive voices that seem honest. The exception is the hoodlum that saves Drew, who seems like something that just stepped out of The Sopranos.

The art by Hawrinder Singh has an odd style of awkwardness, like a marionette which has had its strings cut. Still, that doesn’t detract from the storytelling, which manages to convey the darkness that seems to surround Drew, a darkness that drives Drew’s dark thoughts of anger and revenge. The colours by Gonzolo Duarte helps to create a world that seems familiar to all. The quirky art style is mirrored by the lettering of Melanie Ujimori, which doesn’t seem to fit but you don’t notice after a while.

This story isn’t a new in any shape of form. Golem’s or Tulpa’s have been part of comics as frequently as any other type of horror trope. In the capable of hands of all involved, this is book that screams honesty in its characters and their motivations.

Writing – 4 Stars
Art – 4 Stars
Colors – 4 Stars

(W) Adam Glass and Michael Benson
(A/CA) Harwinder Singh
(C) Gonzalo Duarte

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