REVIEW: Brik #4

Drew lives with his mother in a building that is being bought up by a nasty Russian mobster nicknamed “Little Stalin”. After Drew’s mother gets roughed up by some local gang members Drew decides to use an ancient Golem that was left to him by his grandfather. Drew names the Golem Brik.

Brik and Drew begin committing acts of kindness to inspire the people of their neighborhood. They tag each scene with the word “Brik” and move on. This catches the ire of Little Stalin and we leave the issue with the promise of things going from bad to worse for the young do-gooder.

There are elements to this comic that really shine as something special. The art is one. Singh has moments in this book that show true inspiration, taking on unique angles and perspectives to what might have come off as cut and paste in the hands of another artist. The sequence where the back story of Little Stalin is revealed had panels that you could swear were drawn by one of the Kubert brothers.

The story is basic. There is no element of surprise here, but the ethnic twist gives the book a different voice than its typical counterparts. Talk of life in the shtetl is not something that you come across often in American Comics. To see the hints of another culture that speaks to the immigrant struggles of a specific cross-section of readers is refreshing in way that we as comic fans haven’t seen since the launch of the new Marvel Girl.

Final Thoughts- There is potential in this series, but the dry plot drags the book down. It’s easy to see where the plot is going before it gets there. Interesting in its own way, but far from the breakout hit that it has the potential to be.

Final Grade: 3 Stars

Brik #4
Story: Mike Benson and Adam Glass
Art: Harwinder Singh
Colors: Gonzalo Duarte
Publisher: Oni Press

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