REVIEW: Brooklyn Animal Control #1

Meet the team:

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Brooklyn Animal Control

Written by J. T. Petty
Art by Stephen Thompson
Colours by Len O’Grady
Letters by Neil Uyetake

Let’s judge this book by its cover… At first glance you can be forgiven for thinking its a simple police procedural, looking closer you can see an outline of a wolf in the city overview. A telling sign this is about more than just stray dogs.

What stars out as a normal looking team of Animal Control Officers soon turns into mans only line of defense against the warring Werewolf families of Brooklyn. Catching, containing and keeping them a secret from the every day Joe, this team has their hands full as the families undergo a shift in leadership that not everyone agrees with.

This is soon to be turned into a television series which I will definitely be watching if it’s half as good as this book. With great art and story that keeps you hooked, 50 pages just Isn’t enough, I wanted more.

This one gets an easy 5 stars. Bring on the live action show.

Do you agree with my review? Comment below or find me on Twitter @DawnOfComics and let me know what you thought of this book.

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