REVIEW: Bullets and Angels : Rosary #1

Creative Team: Brian Lee Byrd, Sarah Hollis, Saint Yak, Matt James & HdE

Don’t judge a book by its cover, or do, your choice..,Not really anything to judge here. It’s very basic. Picture of Vegas and a generic looking demon.

I’m new this whole thing, bare with me…Meet James Hollister, not to be confused with James Howlett ( even though he looks exactly like him, mutton chops and attitude included) James is a demon hunter who goes by the code name ‘Ace’ James can see demons which normal humans cannot.

Book starts and James…Ace is fighting a demon. Looks like your run of the mill demon. Before we get any action we go straight into a flashback. James is hurt, had a run in with a demon called Abandon. He looks pretty messed up but then gets dressed and jumps on his bike so maybe not so much. Police chase him for no reason that I could see. We get a glimpse of the dark lord. Nameless. Goes by The Master. Sends his errand boy Morax to kill James and bring him his mating female. Back to James and he buys some smokes and some beer from a Chinese dude dressed like Elvis. Outside he sees a young woman being attacked by Hellhounds and just watches. She kicks two of their butts killing them with a blessed sword before the third over powers her and she calls out James Hollister. To be continued…

Straight off the bat all I could see was Wolverine when I looked at Ace. He was so unlikable it made the book hard to read. The story was jumpy and really boring. Tried to be funny with Asian Elvis. Tried to be grown up with all the naughty language. Failed on both counts. I’ve seen it hundreds of times. Demon hunter. Demons. Fighting lady’s. It’s been done. So if you’re going to do it, you need to give it something unique. Sadly this just didn’t have anything to make you want to read the next issue. I’m grateful there were so many full-page spreads so I could finish the book quicker. If you ever looked at wolverine and thought… I wish he had Grifters powers. This is the book for you.

It’s all fun and games until someone loses an eye…Only casualties in this book are a couple of Hell hounds the story and the concept.

The Good, The Bad and The Meh…

The Good- It’s very short thanks to the lack of story telling.
The Bad- The story. It’s boring.
The Meh- The artwork I guess.

I don’t even want to give it a star rating cause it’ll be mean, but I’ll give it half a star for the art.

Do you agree with my review?

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