REVIEW: Burning Fields #3

Burning Fields #3
Written by Michael Moreci and Tim Daniel
Art by Colin Lorimer
Published by BOOM!

If you haven’t picked up Burning Fields yet, the book is an interesting mix of political intrigue, murder mystery and supernatural elements which we don’t often see in books today, but would play out great as a television series.

What really drew me into this book was the cinematic feel of the writing and pacing. With its third issue, Burning Fields continues to give us new background information on Dana, Aban, and Decker while filling in some interesting tidbits about the Brotherhood of Ninurta. I love the intermixing of mythology and real life in this book because it feels right and the juxtaposition of what’s happening with the military and insurgency with the Brotherhood and the search for the serial killer is fascinating.

Speaking of which, we finally get a glimpse at the assassin and it was a terrific reveal, helping tie in many aspects of the book and showing us why Burning Fields is bigger than the sum of its parts. I really love what Colin Lorimer is doing in the art department with this book. His style is slightly rougher and dark, something we’re seeing quite a bit of lately with books which are similar in essence and theme, but it is really stunning in its simplicity. That’s not to say that his style is minimalist though as there is a ton of detail in the book, and some amazing panels which will leave you breathless. Wait until you see that last page – wow.

With an interesting premise, great characters, and amazing art, Burning Fields #3 is a great addition to a series which will definitely be going on my pull list.

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