Review: Cable #3

Finally, three issues in and we get to learn what Cable’s mission is. We also get to learn who he is up against, aside from the flying Mayans with deadly crystal energy wings. Because, the dude Cable’s been hunting continues his habit of giving his allies souped up future tech.

Before I go on, there is one huge quibble I have. James Robinson, please learn geography. You place the story on the Yucatan coast and then say he’s in South America. The Yucatan coast can be described as in either Central America or North America, but not South America. I know that here in the United States we don’t really prize geography, but things like this get under my skin. Will Cable’s final jump in this story be to London, Central Africa?

Anyway, Cable has time jumped to a post-classical Mayan city where he rescues a priest from the flying Kukulkan warrior and the priest leads him into the hidden heart of the super high-tech temple, where he learns that the man he has been hunting is named Conquest. Conquest is after the fragments of the time sword. A weapon forged by the Eternals but shattered by the Inhumans during their war.

Cable figure that there are only two more pieces left and he’d better get at least one of them before Conquest and takes on a city’s worth of Mayan soldiers with energy swords and spears to get to the next time gateway.

Robinson’s (Starman, Nick Fury, Felix Leiter) continues to keep this story moving at breakneck speeds and he plays that to his advantage. Cable, who is usually on the giving end of trap and ambushes, keeps getting caught in them and is forced to battle his way through. We aren’t seeing the master strategist here, but that is mainly because he hasn’t been in a position to turn things around.

Carlos Pacheco (X-Men, Occupy Avengers) and Rafael Fonteriz (Avengers, Nocturne) handle the art for most of the issue and I love how them merge the comic book style with Mayan art and culture. I also love this version of the Mayans, who are kinds of like the Wakanda of the post-classical world. The Mayans look like Mayans, not just white guys with a tan.

Have to say that I like it when comics do stuff like this. Just hop from one world to another in each issue. They give you enough to understand the basics of this world, but always leave you wanting more. I hope they continue with this even after Cable wraps up this story line. I don’t care if Cable ever ends back in “modern” New York.

Writer: James Robinson
Pencillers: Carlos Pacheco & Thony Silas
Inkers: Rafael Fonteriz & Thony Silas
Colorists: Jesus Aburtov, Federico Blee & Dono Sánchez-Almarra

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