REVIEW: Cage #1

The Netflix original series Cage has the nerd world buzzing this month so when I found out that my editor Al was giving me this book to review I expected something close to the TV show. I was not expecting this! This is a throwback to the 1970’s when Luke Cage was first on the scene, yellow shirt, afro, tiara…the works! So I feel that it’s only fitting that I write my review in that same 70’s flavor.

Dig it. This wacky comic opens with some hustling jive turkeys robbing a bank on roller skates and these rolling muthas got the stones to call themselves the Bank Rollers! These squares get pummeled by are main man Cage. He ain’t truckin no mess. He lays these brothers out lickety split and then drops some knowledge on a near by court for the kids.

Later on Cage is getting ready to have some grub with that bad babe Misty Knight. Problem is that she leaves Cage waiting at the restaurant. Mad as hell, Cage goes to find that foxy fox and give her a piece of his dome. Check it, Misty is missing, she’s straight ghosted man! Cage lays boots to a locked up thug and that sucka says that heroes everywhere have got splitsville.

It’s right about then that lame-o square leader of the X-Men Cyclops shows up and blasts our main man Cage out of window. That scene was outta sight! The whole enchilada ends with Cage getting knocked flat on his keister by some punk hiding in the shadows. It’s a far out scene brotha. I ain’t talkin’ no jive neither.

So enough of that. This issue seems so out-of-place in the current market. I can understand how Marvel wants to cater to older fans that have not picked up a comic in that last twenty years and their Cage is closer to this disco dinosaur, but we live in the modern age and this look back at the characters glory days is unsettling.

I get that this is a period peace and that the humor within these pages is to be taken as tongue in cheek, but there are still moments when the plot (especially the last four pages) is so disjointed from the rest of the book that it leaves me feeling lost. Why throw in the X-Men? Why bring out a host of z-grade villains for just a couple of pages? It’s like I’ve gone back to the past and smoked some of that Devil’s weed. It’s a interesting romp through history, but this comic should have stayed back in the day.

Final Thoughts: Groovy visuals but a story that is lacking ruins an interesting concept.

Final Grade: 2 stars

Cage #1
Story/Art: Genndy Tartakovsky
Inks: Stephen DeStefano
Colors: Scott Wills
Letters: VC’s Clayton Cowles
Publisher: Marvel

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