REVIEW: Cage! #2

Uh huh.


That’s a thing that I just read. I’m genuinely torn between thinking this is good and thinking it’s just trying too hard. The thing about psychedelic bug out stories is they start to feel a bit samey page by page. The frenetic energy of the art belts through the book, panel after panel of cartoon expressionism, facial expressions twist through emotions rather than convey them and everything flows through an acid trip even before the drugs are introduced.

Can’t say much for the writing other than the dialogue is light and tonally stuck in the seventies, which at least makes a change from the nineties everyone seems to be obsessed with but it bangs in the stereotype rather than presents anything we haven’t seen before.

Throw in a weird cameo at the end and this is a comic you feel a little worn out after reading. It’s all sugar and fizz but it’s likely that’s just this issue, if the others are a little heavier on the story and not so eager to impress this could be a good series.

By Genndy Tartakovsky, published by Marvel

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