REVIEW: Cage Hero #3

Cage Hero Volume 1 Issue #3
Created by Kevin Eastman, Ian Parker and Mark Mastrandrea
Script by Rik Hoskin
Art by Renalto Rei
Published by Dynamite Ent.

What if one day you were told that you were to inherit super hero like powers passed down to you from your grandfather through a special medallion? Well that’s exactly what happens to five young people who were recruited to join what they thought was a team to compete in cage fighting matches. Doc Meriweather also know as Doc Proton in his super hero form, trains the kids at his facility for that one day when they will be expected to embrace the medallions and take on their super hero roles.

When Doc Meriweather fears for the safety of Ryder’s grandfather, he goes to the hospital where he is staying and tries to take him into hiding. Before they could leave the hospital parking lot Doc Meriweather and Ryder’s grandfather were ambushed by ninjas called Shadow Empire Warriors. Yet by the time Doc Meriweather transforms into Doc Proton and beats back the ninjas it’s too late, they have already taken Ryder’s grandfather. Doc now knows that if he wants to get his Ryder’s grandfather back the kids he is training will have to embrace their super hero powers now.

Renalto Rei does a great job with the art work for this comic book. He brings a realistic quality to his style that is second to none. I like the story plot that Kevin Eastman, Ian Parker and Mark Mastrandrea came up with but the script for this issue I felt was a little to cliché. I know in this issue the team is just being introduced to their super powers but there could have been a less cliché dialogue. There is only one fight scene and that’s when Doc Proton faces the ninjas called the Shadow Empire Warriors. This mostly is an issue to explain back story and character development.

So pick up an issue of Cage Hero today and find out if the team of new heroes can rise to the challenge that they have been training for all their lives.

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