You ever been there, middle of the night, unable to sleep, reached for the lube and got the deep heat by accident?

But then found out you really enjoyed it?

That sums this up, a miserable necessity turned out to be a proper giggle.

The recap was enough to catch up but there were still things in the story that were baffling, like what was the exploding tree thing about? But other than that this was great, for a comic that is apparently the official Call of Duty Zombies comic. How the fuck does that work? You turn an old hackneyed rail shooter that’s been tainted with  an exhausted pop culture trope and somehow turn it into a character filled bought of insanity with great, quirky art that’s like a highly polished Indy style. Magic books, voices in the head, cyber zombies it’s a hoot.

If you had told me wanking with deep heat was going to be this good I would never have believed you.

Writer: Justin Jordan, Artist: Jonathan Wayshak, Colorist: Dan Jackson, Cover Artist: Simon Bisley

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