REVIEW: Captain America: Sam Wilson #13

Written by Nick Spencer, art by Daniel Acuña, published by Marvel

I like Sam Wilson, I think its weird that Captain America can talk to birds and the costume is a bit clumsy for a traditionally sleek character but other than that he’s a clear and cool choice to take up the shield. This is basically a big fight scene between him and the USAgent, who’s basically an uber conservative version of Cap’.

I was a bit taken back at first as Cap’ comes across as a bit of a pube but as the comic goes on it all comes together and you realise how tough it is for Sam being Cap’. The comic is a good analogy for the initial fantard reaction to his appointment in the role and also reflects the current climate of political unease and racial tensions, especially in the States.

It’s a Nick Spencer comic it’s going to be wordy but worth it and it’s also nice to see how versatile he as after recently reading his Ant Man.

Daniel Acuña’s art takes a bit of getting used to, there’s no doubt it is technically proficient but his style, blocky, solid anatomy, heavy shadows, borderless panels seemed a bit heavy for a Captain America title. Then you realise the weight of the story and it all becomes clear.

It’s a heavy book tackling heavy issues and I can understand if it’s not someone’s cup of tea but it’s a worthwhile comic that’s turned a sidekick into a statement. 4.8/5

Writer: Nick Spencer
Penciller: Daniel Acuna
Cover Artist:Daniel Acuna

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