This is a good comic. This is everything Captain America has to be, a comment on the state of the US. It tackles the not so black and white problem people have with immigration with maturity, humour and action all tonally blended into a great political statement.

It handles the fact that there are reactionaries and extremists on both sides, usually missing the point and polarizing the debate into hate filled rage. The right missing the point that EVERYONE in the states is from an invading force, that there are circumstances for all “illegal” immigrants and skewing the law for their own means, the left react accordingly trying to smother the law with a blanket morality that doesn’t take into account the individual circumstances either. It’s a well-balanced book that uses extreme views on the scales to keep it balanced.

The art is good, a little wooden for my taste but that is just a personal thing, it does everything sequential story telling needs to do excellently and I’m pretty sure I’d really get into it after a few more issues.

There is only one place Sam can go if this comic ever drops into the cancellation range, and that would be a shame as it’s an excellent comic that looks at the fear in the world today and deals with it, without necessarily throwing a shield at it.

(W) Nick Spencer (A) Paul Renaud (CA) Daniel Acuna

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