REVIEW: Captain Britain and the Mighty Defenders #1

STORY BY: Al Ewing
ART BY: Alan Davis, Mark Farmer

And, here we go again..

Another region on Battleworld, with another discussion about what was there before and the nature of Doom, the  fractures for the characters and the readers suffering the repeat conversation from around Battleworld are beginning to show.

If I were to “Make Mine Marvel”, I would definitely be from the old school to just before the implosion of the market place.  For example my favourite regular X-men artist is Marc Silvestri; Spider-Man Sal Buscema. The most recent Marvel books I have bought have altered the paradigm, Secret Avengers for example and even more recently the revamped Spider-Woman, both of which had an element of fun to them.  As such, am old enough to remember the original Secret Wars  (we will not mention Secret Wars 2), and the fact it promised such much, but delivered actually nothing bar the alien costume for Spider-Man.  Thanks to previews of future solicits, we know there are some changes heading into the Marvel Universe.  But don’t you just wish they would hurry up and get here?

Al Ewing is on words and does an OK job.  He hasn’t got the easiest job to be fair.  Thanks to the number of tie-ins, we pretty much know where this is going.  That said, there are a couple of twists and nice touches, such as why is She-Hulk’s Mjolnir a gavel?  I do have to say, it’s a wonder that Ewing, and Marvel by extension, managed to get away with Boss Cage, who looks very similar to a very well known lawman.  This being the sort of book it is,  there is the usual  debates that we have seen in the previous books.

Alan Davis is Captain Britain, to an old schooler like me.  So its no surprise that his work is found between the covers.  What is a surprise is that despite the elegant clean lines and the expressive faces, is that this looks too familiar.  Sure, I am a big Davis fan so yes I have more than my share of his books, but that doesn’t detract from current sameness, that seems to have pervaded his work.  I recently read the Avengers Ultron Forever book and felt the same way.  Maybe, Davis has a style that doesn’t suit every hero.  That’s not a bad thing, even Jack Kirby couldn’t draw every Marvel character well.  If that’s the case, I hope that Davis finds his book soon.

So the overall feeling of the book, has to be re-hash and like  any meal that is reheated, you run the rish of whilst its lovely and crispy on the outside, the insides can still be cold.


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