REVIEW: Captain Canuck #0 (FCBD) & Captain Canuck #1

G’Day Crusaders,

This is Dodgy86 in the mix bringing you Captain Canuck # 0 (FCBD 2015) and Captain Canuck # 1 by Kalman Andrasofszky (writer and artist) and Jim Charalampidis. Published by Chapter House Comics.

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Here we have a new Canadian export, from the same pedigree of Canada’s favorites such as Maple Syrup, Ice Hockey, Wolverine and Justin Bieber. Here we have Captain Canuck, originally created in 1975 by Richard Comley and Ron Leishman and making a comeback 40 years in the making.


Captain Tom Evans is the super-soldier Captain Canuck, with a team designed to cover his back in the face of danger. Canuck is assigned to investigate toxic fumes inundating his brother’s (Michael Evans) Equilibrium factory. What does he find? Will he get out of there okay?
Read it and find out!

And Michael Evans being AWOL during the Equilibrium disaster, does he bite off more than he can chew dealing with Mr Gold?


There are also the classic stories based on the character created in 1975. Both books contain the classic story with Captain Canuck in original attire conclusion, these stories are a continuum. Written by Ed Brisson with art by Marcus To. The stories are based on the era which is pretty cool.


For the current Captain Canuck story, Issue # 0 and # 1 are exactly the same (#0 is the Free Comic Book Day edition so it’s missing a large bulk of the story), the backup Classic Captain Canuck story did not have the same story. The art of both Andrasofszky and To are amazing and help bring an unknown character (to me) and make it significantly appealing.
The characters are interesting and worth the read to understand them better.


You get two stories in one book, both are well written and illustrated. Both well worth a read. Do ya’self a favor and check it out!

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