REVIEW: Captain Canuck #’s 3 – 6

G’Day Crusaders,

This is Dodgy86 in the mix bringing you Captain Canuck # 3 to #6 by Kalman Andrasofszky with art by Leonard Kirk and Paris Alleyne. Proudly produced by Chapterhouse Comics,

In the past issues, Captain Tom Evens barely survived resuing survivors from the burning oil refinery belonging to Cap’s brother Michael Evens. You see Cap battle mindless zombies whi used to be employed by Michael’s refinery who have liquid gold oozing from their bodies which leads to one man Mr. Gold.

Now Captain Canuck and Team Equilibrium are continuing their search for the villainous Mr. Gold since the suspicious dissapearance of Equilibrium founder and Captain Canuck’s brother Michael Evens has vanished without a trace. As Cap and his heroic team are under the suspicion that Mr. Gold has Michael but have no true evidence. Firstly, Team Equilibrium have to find Mr. Gold and save Michael.

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There are flashback scenes throughtout the issues where we meet Lieutenant Tom Evans, a war veteran who returns from his duties to find his brother Michael who he hasn’t seen in years and now things are not as they seem. His brother no longer has power of his organisation Evans Energy & Tom is chased off by armed security personnel until he meets Team Equilibrium Director of Operations Olivia Wallace-Yeates ‘Red Coat’ for the first time, she aids Tom in avoiding the overly protective security officers. Creating a backstory for Captain Canuck and Red Coat.

The flashback story also evolves around Michael Evans who Tom finds in the harsh Arctic winter, Michael was submerged into an extra-terrestrial tomb. He is connected with a series of wires and communicates via telekinesis to Tom and is eventually saved by Tom. Since being released from his imprisonment,things have not been the same for Michael dealing with losing his hand and becoming estranged from his brother as he builds Equilibrium from the ground up.


The back up story is based in 1982 as the Captain Canuck goes toe to toe with terrible trio callef the Sonic Squad. What is the Canadarm and why do the Sonic Squad want it so badly they result in stealing it and can Captain Canuck stop them? It results in an action-packed car chase, will Cap retrieve the Canadarm? In issues 5 and 6, finds Captain Canuck on board an alien spaceship being captive and what awaits his fate? Read it and find out!


This series has a lot going for it, great character developement in Team Equilibrium with Kebec, the French Canadien sharp shooter who saves Cap on more and one occasion and Red Coat the director of operations who has also saved Cap. Parminder Patel, the brains of the operation and her abilities to piece out the Strategies for Cap to follow.
It’s nice to see that women play a significant role in Cap’s ability to stop evil, Andrasofszky does an uncanny job using women strenghts that a super-human soldier lacks. Now haing Leonard Kirk to illustrate now gives Andrasofszky more room to focus on his writing and it is noticable by creating character backstories and development of character.

The back-up stories based in the 80s are also fun to read, Ed Brisson does an awesome job of making them action packed give dialogue to those in the story. The art by Scott Hepburn, Simon Roy and Michael Walsh continue to add the grittiness of the previous issues, this gives a modern appearance to the classic look.

I cannot stress enough to give these books a look! Check out your local comic stores, go to and comixology.

Do ya’self a favor and check them out!

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