REVIEW: Captain Marvel #1

STORY BY Michele Fazekas, Tara Butters
ART BY Kris Anka

You gotta love the Big Two.  Only they can take the “if it ain’t broke, lets break it so we can give the masses the idea that we have fixed it!” approach.  Current case in point; here we have yet another Captain Marvel #1.  If the fact that the series has restarted doesn’t annoy you, how about that the whole creative team has also changed!

Story-wise, it’s yet another start over for Carol Danvers.  This time, rather than head of into space, (last series), or stay earthbound to increase her profile (a couple of series ago) she has decided the best way to be herself is sit on a space station, hanging out with Alpha Flight, keeping Earth safe and handling diplomatic parties.  Kind of Babylon 5, with no Vorlons but with superheroes.

This book is written  by the duo of Michele Frazekas and Tara Butters; coming over from show running and writing on the Agent Carter show.  The pair have an idea of who Carol is, the fact that Carol is in a new place mean that there is a level of discomfort for all concerned.  This is a major part of the Agent Carter show, as she fits sexism, but is there a real need here?

As kind of writing start, the art is where the book really falls down.  _20160121_194647Kris Anka may be visually stunning to some, but for me there is a distinct lack of style. Take the picture to the right. Check the position of the head.  How is that possible. Also, there is a lack of certain womanly features. Now, I know there is a drive to improve how women are seen in comics, but surely the answer is turn them into androgynous people? This look is consistent throughout the book and for me, doesn’t help sell the idea of Captain, one who should be at least Marvel-ous in some way.

Marvel continue to shoot themselves in the feet,with a raft of new books that seem to have lost their way, forgetting what made them enjoyable in the first place.

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