REVIEW: Captain Marvel and the Carol Corps #1

STORY BY: Kelly Sue DeConnick, Kelly Thompson
ART BY: David Lopez
LETTERS BY: VC – Joe Caramagna
Publisher: Marvel Comics

Carol Danvers is something of a guilty pleasure of mine. I loved her kitsch style 70’s book and more recently, the various series that has seen her move from being known as the thigh high boot wearing heroine to a stronger character more in line with her actual power level. With Secret Wars we get another variation, written in part by series regular Kelly Sue DeConnick with help from Kelly Thompson.

Between the pair, we get to see Carol in her natural element, which is nice throwback to her origins. As Captain, she commands Hala Fields own air squadron, protecting the lands from various threats. The book starts with some action in the shape of a training exercise, which also serves to introduce the cast and show just how quick and agile Carol is. With the interruption of the Thors we get the first inkling that it is not just roses the grow in Hala Fields. From there things quickly move into doubt of the institution which could been seen as a metaphor for our own potential disillusionment in the powers that be. Once the seed is sown, decisions need to made and indeed, actions are taken with ramifications to follow.

Comics veteran and Captain Marvel regular David Lopez  is on hand with art duties.  His work in this issue isn’t up to what I’d expect. It could be he is trying a different style to show how different Battleworld is to the regular Captan Marvel universe; if that is the case then I app the effort even if I find it more than slightly disappointing.

This is one of the few Secret Wars tie-in’s that seem to be channelling Doom’s rule. Sure, over in A Force, the ladies are unhappy with a certain situation, but here there is the start of rebellion.  I can’t say I particularly enjoyed the issue for a couple of reasons: The first being that I am not that connected to the whole Battle world environment so I don’t really care what happens and secondly, I straight up miss the regular Captain Marvel book. That feeling is only heightened with the fact the last regular issue of her series was a Black Vortex tie-in which again, as I only read Captain Marvel and Spider-Woman, didn’t mean that much to me.  I for one, can wait to seeing regular programming resume.

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