REVIEW: Carnage #6

Written by Gerry Conway, art by Mike Perkins, published by Marvel

Wow, after Neal Adams crashing Superman into a mountain I was a little concerned with reading a character I quite enjoy written by another legend. I was wrong Gerry Conway still has the magic.

I’ve wanted to see an idea like this  since I read those nineties one shots at the arse end of the speculator wars. Bunch of characters hunting Carnage who’s looking for a way to multiply himself. This is the symbiotic take on Cape Fear with hints of Jaws.

I’ve tried to review a few comics this week and I’ll be honest this came out on top because Mr Conway knows how to let the artist tell his side of things and all his writing counts towards the plot rather than the ENDLESS expository waffle I’ve had to sift through, I’m looking at you Batman and Robin Eternal! The characters are all distinctive and the pacing is ideal for an ocean-going tale.

The art is solid, when it’s Cape Fear you can feel the roll of the ocean when it’s space symbiotic homicide fun time there’s a good claustrophobic vibe as you wait for crimson slithery death.

On the whole its a solid premise, with interesting motives and good art and writing. And best of all it’s succinct and to the point. Looking at you Revival, you wordy twat.

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