REVIEW: Casanova IV: Acedia #7

I loved Hawkeye. Fraction got me to love that character. I really wish this had been that because this was impossible to read.

At first it was great, touching childhood scene, shot of surreal imagery, nightmare reveal…getting less cohesive dialogue wise but I still bought into it, because there was no fucking recap…anyway I turn the page and there’s another character going from the beach to a cellar full of something like NASA control who think he’s a delivery boy despite him wearing trunks and he runs away and…fuck this.

Every subsequent scene makes less and less sense till your mind starts blanking them out and I gave up. Yup, didn’t finish it. Some might say that’s unprofessional and what if the ending made it all make sense, I say it would have had to come with a Rosetta fucking stone and a set of diagrams plus the series bible to make it worth while so no, a happy ending would not have made up for a shitty massage that leaves you in worse knots than when you started.

The arts OK, not my cup of tea but the story telling is good.

So yeah, if you’re into it go for it, I on the other hand will go and take some headache pills. 0.2/5

Written by Matt Fraction, art by Fàbio Moon, published by Image

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